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When will EPam Wars be released?

EPam Wars will be released when it’s ready.

Will EPam Wars be free to play?

Yes.  EPam Wars is being developed as a gift to the community.  The game will be free to play.

How will EPam Wars be distributed?

EPam Wars will be released as a torrent hosted by RyanMac4203 Home Page.

Will EPam Wars play in a browser?

No.  EPam Wars requires a full installation to run.  The game will be released as a standalone executable which will automate the process.

U want me 2 install ur warez?!1!!  No wai!

Get outta mah house.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Operating System:  Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7/8
CPU:  Pentium 200MHz or higher
Memory:  32MB of RAM
Hard Disk:  1.3GB free hard disk space  [Note:  This figure is not final and will change as development continues.  Last updated March 10, 2015]
Graphics Card:  DirectX 8.1 compatible

Will EPam Wars be released for Mac as well?

Get outta mah house.

What if I stink at role-playing games, but want to enjoy the wondrous story?

EPam Wars will be accompanied upon release by a video walkthrough hosted on YouTube until they decide to take it down.  In addition, there will be an in-game option to turn the difficulty from “Jedi” to “Padawan.”  This will render the game pathetically easy.

How long will it take to complete EPam Wars?

While I hesitate to put an estimate on the total game time of EPam Wars, it will likely require 6-8 hours to complete the main adventure.  I’ll leave it to you to discover the sidequests.  ;(

What can we as a community ever do to repay you?

Nothing.  This game has consumed my life for seven years.  You will never appreciate the sacrifice I’ve made for you.

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