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Flag Day

We began the night as we’ve started so many in the past.  Stalking.  The target:  Uncle Sam.It wasn’t long before I made the inevitable joke about Mike’s hot sister.  This mime gets mad.Luckily, I was saved by the second greatest plumber of all time.  Straight from his mansion in the Mushroom Kingdom:  Luigi Mario.



Nazi politician John Curran ordered the chorus to sing anti-simetic songs.






Ich bin ein berliner!

In a way I can sympathize.  After all, I’m still mad about what the Jews did to CJ.Here, Paul and Adam pose for a pic.  This is just minutes before Lavvi expresses his hatred for African Americans.  Watch the Flag Day video “17-Seventy-Shit:  Something Wicked Flag Day Comes” to see.




Here, Laura St. Germain is about to apologize to me for the vicious assault I underwent at the Battle of the Bands.  Watch the video for the apology.



Ego-maniac, Mullet poses for a pic, just outside the Mobile station.  Watch him pose in the video.

Perhaps Shrek could escape Lord Farquaad, but he’s no match for Adam Ravagni.Ravagni and the Tramp.We rock.  At least this man thinks so.  He wishes to start a hard rock combo called “The Fucking Rocking Misfits” with Mullet, and myself.  Look for our record soon.Junior smells.  Yankees suck.Later that night, at Guido’s, Millimeter posed for this pic.  For old time’s sake.

Shugar Shane put one of those glow things in his lip ring…

Goddamn attention whore.

This picture is rather incriminating.Grab your box, Millimeter!Remember to check out the latest media:  “17-Seventy-Shit:  Something Wicked Flag Day Comes.”