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About EPam Wars: Flash Mob!

EPam Wars:  Flash Mob! tells the engaging tale of one man’s fall from glory onto a path to the Dark Side.  Players assume the roles of Adam, Ryan, and the gang as they embark on a quest from Maple Avenue to Woburnia Centre in search of corpse paint.  Off course, the trip doesn’t go as planned, and the gang soon finds themselves squaring off against the future Darth EPam!  Find out what surprises await in this epic lead up to 2012’s most anticipated RPG,  EPam Wars! 


  • Live the origin story of the least prolific villain in gaming history, Darth EPam!
  • Reconnect with many of the characters familiar to fans of EPam Wars!
  • Bombastic fast-paced gameplay!
  • Built using Adobe Flash and playable right in your browser!  [Note:  As of v1.3 playing inside a browser is no longer supported.]
  • EPAM!


In Game Engine

Actual Gameplay!


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Patch Notes

[Updated to v1.1 – 12.25.11]


  • + Added Immelmann QA credit
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • – Fixed a bug wherein the game would return to Combat Mode after the credits
  • – Removed Herobrine

[Updated to v1.2 – 12.26.11]


  • + Added limited keyboard support (Enter/Space to advance text.  More to come…)
  • + Added environmental animations to the Limit Break
  • + Added sign to the magic shop
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • – Fixed a bug wherein EPam would occasionally drop Common instead of Legendary loot

[Updated to v1.3 – 3.11.15]


  • + Converted from Shockwave File to standalone executable
  • + Capitalized instances of the word “Time”
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • – No longer playable inside a browser
  • – Removed so-called “Pay to Win” items from the Eternal Yard Sale

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