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241543903 – You’re Doing It Wrong

Apparently there’s a meme on the interwebs where people take a picture of their head in a freezer, name it 241543903, and then use Bing Image search to Google the number and see the pics.  I just discovered this a few minutes ago, and figured I’d whip together a demotivational poster for Shane’s birthday using an old photo I had from May 13, 2004.  Happy Birthday, bitchcakes.



The Star System Has Failed

Uh-oh!  Commander Shepard’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!  I don’t think the Batarians are gonna be too pleased that he just destroyed the entire Bahak System.  Oh, spoilers.

Tracks include “The Klixen” “Tears in a Perseus Veil” and “I Know Jack.”

I acquired a graphics tablet the other day.  This was the first thing I felt compelled to do with it, because apparently drawing without a pun involved is just boring.  Make no mistake, this was more a quest to see if I could actually draw the wallpaper, rather than to see if it would be funny.   Did I succeed on either count?


P.S.:  Japanese Bonus Track:  “SheVarren”