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EPam Wars

EPam War4203 Game Studios Presents:

EPam Wars

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Pentium 200MHz or higher
Memory: 32MB of RAM
Hard Disk: 1.4GB free hard disk space
Graphics Card: DirectX 8.1 compatible

[Updated to v1.1 – 5.8.15]


  • + Added PADAWAN Difficulty option (playable throughout Episode I)
  • + Added various NPC’s and revised several cut scenes
  • + Changed the BGM of the Statue of Limitations
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • Fixed game crashing bug when removing the Master Sword from the Church of Time

[Updated to v1.2 – 6.19.15]


  • + Added ‘Miss’ message when attacks fail
  • + Added various enemy attack animations
  • + Added various NPC’s
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • – Fixed a bug causing crashes on some machines when entering full screen mode
  • – Removed Alternate Launcher and various unnecessary files from installation package
  • – Fixed a bug preventing the Pause Menu from reverting to its proper state when returning from 1850



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