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EPam Wars – Delayed Indefinitely

Greetings, readers.

The decision has been made by 4203 Game Studios, to delay EPam Wars indefinitely. The game is not vaporware, however, as I assure you development is indeed ongoing.

Long story short, if EPam Wars were to release on time, it’d be a long story cut short. The game I set out to release in December is not the game EPam Wars has grown into, and as time draws ever closer to the arbitrary release date I never formally announced, I find myself considering compromises to both the story and gameplay just so the game will be done. That’s not the way I want this project to end. Seven years is a long time. Here’s hoping it won’t take seven more to get it just right.

So, I would suggest you find some other RPG to fill your time. I think Mojang just put out that Scrolls game or something? I dunno. I just wish Notch would hurry up and finish Minecraft already.


“If you don’t release this game on time,
you’ll lose all credibility.”