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Our Night at the Mall






Santa Rules!

Ward Laid Dav Out with Styrofoam 

 After That Fiasco, We Decided to Get Our Recording Studio from Joey Mac… at 11PM.

JMac: “Whoah, dudes… Do you like, know what time it is?”

Josh: “What’s going on Joey…? Come back to Bed” Dav: “Can I have back my recording studio please?  You’ve had it for over a year.

Josh: “Uh……  well… see… the thing about that is…. we’re using it now.

Dav:  “At 11?  Isn’t Maryland asleep?”

Josh:  “Sonuva!”

JMac:  “If you let us keep it, I’ll give you sex!

Mike Ward: “That’s a pretty good deal.”

Dav:  “But, no.  Hand it over, hot stuff.

Dav: “My precioussssssssssssssss.”

JMac: “We don’t need you.”

Josh: “Get the fuck out of here.” We leave victorious!