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Another Night at the Mall

Here we’re being told we can’t take pictures at the mall…  my ass.

We soon

grew tired

of the




So we


to go

across to

Newbury Comics

and Wendy’s.

Mikey was feeling tired so Dav pushed him along in a cart.

When we got to Wendy’s, strange men started offering us drugs.  Fearing these drugged up lunatics, we fled back to the mall.Mikey bought a wallet.  Here he displays it.  Very nice, Mikey.


Continuing our custom, we stalked Santa again. This time from the escalator to the food court, to the bathroom. I have a video of the stalking, it’s located on the front page. Or access it by clicking here.Santa was kind enough to take a picture with the crew outside the bathroom.  Go Sox!  And as always…