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Boston Called; 4203 Answered

Boston Calling 2015 was held on the fourth weekend of May, in the state capital’s City Hall Plaza. The show was stacked with acts I’d never heard of and a few I tried to like, but just couldn’t.  Two performers on the playbill, however, had me sold on Saturday: Marina and the Diamonds and St. Vincent, and they happened to be playing back-to-back (just in the wrong order).  There was no way I was passing on an opportunity to see two of the most talented artists in modern music.

Read on past the jump for my full show report.

The First Stage of Depression

Now arriving at Hipster Central.

Marina and the Diamonds:  Diamond in the Rough

"I'm the girl you die for!"

“Got a figure like a pin-up;  got a figure like a doll.”

Bouncing back from 2012’s Electra Heart and its critical failure (ironically the album that drew me to Marina Diamandis, after “Hollywood” initially failed to sell me on the excellent The Family Jewels two years prior), Marina took the stage wearing a ridiculous FROOT headband that flashed different colours. She adorned the stage with props supporting her latest attempt at reimagining her image. The idea behind the stage set, and her upcoming Neon Nature Tour, is to combine technology and nature. In other words, she took the “Synthesis” route at the end of Mass Effect 3.

Before it got chilly.

The strawberry was already black and green.  I didn’t even have to Photoshop this!

Naturally, the most beautiful woman in the world put on one Hell of a show. I discovered here, and subsequently confirmed through hours of YouTube research, that this woman was meant to perform live. The albums just don’t quite match up to the standards of her live performances.

“Savages” followed by “FROOT” and the opening to “Can’t Pin Me Down”

I chose to record “Savages” in which Marina dives headfirst into the social issues plaguing the world today. Its first verse is a reference to the song’s inspiration: the Boston Marathon Bombing. Thus, the song had a special significance when seeing it performed within the city.  

The second verse goes a little more broad (no pun intended). With the line, “another day, another tale of rape,” she joins the ever growing chorus of critics calling out HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

"TV taught me how to feel.""You can watch it on TV."

“Oh No!” she didn’t!

Marina introduced “FROOT” to the crowd with the suggestion that dancing is permitted, saying, “so, the next song…  If you’d like to dance…  you can.  It’s off my new album…  which is called, FROOT!”[1]  Yet in a prior interview, when asked if there would be any dance songs on her then upcoming album the singer responded, “Hell no.”[2]  This brings new meaning to the “Can’t Pin Me Down” lyrics, “All these contradictions pouring out of me.  Just another girl in the 21st century.” 


Classic WeedWacker Style

The set closed with “Radioactive” followed by what may well be Marina’s catchiest tune. Once again donning the awesome jacket she originally took the stage with, Marina drove the crowd wild with her fun, sexy performance of “How to Be a Heartbreaker” and left us wanting more… more…

St. Vincent:  Lost in Translation

The Best New Thing In the World Today

Rachel Maddow and Agent Mae rock Boston Calling.

St. Vincent opened her set with a pre-recorded audio file, pleading with the crowd to not record her show. Evidently, Annie Clark knew how awful she planned to be, and didn’t want to deter fans from purchasing tickets in the future, fearing her lackluster performance would be posted to YouTube

Digitally witnessed.

I re-discovered here, as I had previously confirmed through minutes of YouTube research, that this woman was not meant to perform live. Her live performances just don’t quite match up to the standards of her studio albums. She says she doesn’t wanna be “your cheerleader, no more.”  Ironically enough, I don’t really wanna be her cheerleader anymore, either. 


Growing increasingly bored over the course of Ms. Clark’s student art class project, I tried to instigate a fight between patrons. Alas, my efforts proved frootless. Afterward, I ventured to the merch table to acquire a memento.  I wanted the show to be immortal, like the popular Marina and the Diamonds song of the same name.  I think this shirt will jog my memories for quite a while.

"Immortal" Single Artwork, Now in Shirt Form!

“I would buy it twice.  Twice.”


“I wanna look at the boobs,
but that’s where his penis is!”

1. RyanMac4203 (2015-05-26) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwn8rKM6_zI YouTube. Retrieved 2015-05-26.

2. Marina and the Diamonds (2015-01-29) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYLpKzBqZWA YouTube. Retrieved 2015-05-28.

A Note to Longtime ‘4203 Fans: 

If you’ve read this far, you like my material more than I do.

I kid, but with a heavy heart, it’s time to share that RyanMac4203 Home Page is calling it quits, sort of. 

Over the past five years, I’ve used this site as a soapbox for my inane ramblings and my silly pictures and videos. I’ve built a catalog of nonsense I am quite proud of and hold dear to my heart, but all things must end. 

With EPam Wars now in beta and out in the wild, it’s time for me to focus on what matters most: seeing EW through to completion of the Game of the Year Edition and development of new videogames.

As such, 4203.us will re-launch in the coming weeks, as a site primarily dedicated to 4203 Game Studios. All of my previous material will be archived, and I still plan to post the occasional essay, or “meme,” but going forward, the point of this site will primarily be the promotion of future videogames developed by yours truly.

Thanks for reading and watch this space. 4203.us will return. To all WeedWackolytes, I la-la-la-love you.

“At least I think I do.”

P.S.: Don’t worry. EA’s False FLAG (Album Review, Pt. 2) is still coming. I just really hate reading her book.

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