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Windows Phone 7 Saved Me From My Phone

On March 20th Windows Phone 7 finally arrived for Sprint customers, NoDo in tow fo’ sho’, with the release of the hTc Arrive. After a year of anticipation, has Windows Phone 7 lived up to my hype? Read my full review, which was composed entirely on my Windows Phone 7 handset mind you, after the jump.


PAX East ’11

PAX East

Good tidings to you, my friends.  Today, I bring you another show report, this time from the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo East.  Timmy-Dawg supplied the tickets, and I supplied the indie game to display.

We came, we saw, we took a few pictures.  Take a look after the jump.


New EPam Wars Screenshots at 4203.us!

Greetings readers.  It is my very great pleasure to announce that beginning today, the URL for RyanMac4203 Home Page is now 4203.us!

Don’t worry, I know all of you have the site bookmarked already, and the old URL’s will still link to the hilarity you love.   The beauty of this new URL is it will streamline the process of checking the site for updates when you’re at the library, or the Apple Store. 

It’s just so easy to remember!  Even a monkey can memorize ten digits.  You’re not stupider than a monkey, are you?

Also, a handful of new screenshots have been added to the Gallery page of EPamWars.com.  Be sure to check ’em out!


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