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Bus Evacuation Day

Bus Evacuation Day!The driver explained to us that evacuation meant to get up and walk out the door.After the bus emptied, we were all very happy to stand around in the cold.From just inside 7 building, we saw Ahmed waiting.  This intrigued us, so we watched.Sure enough, Jimmy Taranto appeared with a large bag of cocaine.They exchanged cash for goods and were on their way.We later confronted Jimmy about what he’d done… and he took a bite out of Dav’s neck.Dav was taken to the hospital.  He’s expected to make a full recovery.Later that day…In Shukan’s class, Mullet made me take a picture of The Mullet… narcasistic bastard.

We got bored and Mullet decided to act out his sexual desires on Crowe.  A video of it can be seen here.

Crowe wasn’t too happy about it.In Gym class, Paul let me take an incriminating picture of him with an explosive device.While playing eclipse ball, Wing smashed Paul’s hand with a racket.I gues Paul won’t have a use for his favourite site, HorrorSex.com for a while.The man who performed this great deed was more than happy to pose for a picture.  Thank you Wing.  We all appreciate you causing Paul pain, and we salute you.One can only hope that Jimmy and Ahmed are arrested, Dav will make a full recovery, and one day Jack Dillon will learn to speak correctly.