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RM4203 Exclusive! Leaked Concession Comic #376 “The End” [UPDATED]

Fans of the internet sensation “Concession” have been waiting for years for the final strip in this legendary comic created by a man known only as Immelmann.  That is why it brings me great pleasure to report that RyanMac4203 Home Page has obtained an exclusive early look at what appears to be the final comic.   While I cannot reveal the source of the leak I do believe this to be the real deal.  See the full comic after the jump, just don’t get your hopes too high.  8-E (Surprisingly SFW, and obviously full spoilers ahead) 

[UPDATE 1:  It turns out it was a hoax.]

[UPDATE 2:  Or was it?]

So there you have it folks, a final comic that’s high on production values and low on laughs.  It turns out the entire “Concession” strip was just a movie inside Immelmann’s latest web comic, “Ballerina Mafia.”  Immelmann, seen in the first live action shot (a first for the author) explains the supposed genius of his comic to his character’s Arab roommate, Shugwar, who appears to be played by Hollywood’s Shia LaBouf (I guess we know where all that sticker money went.  That kinda talent doesn’t come cheap).  The payoff is a lame joke referring to the collective feeling of disappointment felt by many fans after last May’s series finale of LOST on ABC.  My thoughts on that show’s send off aside, this type of self-depricating humour is fine in some instances, but I’m not sure it’s the best way to end a series, especially one that won Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story in the 2009 Ursa Major Awards. Plus the obvious plug for the new comic is a little tacky.

Of course, this could just be a hoax put together by some clever fan trying to piggy-back off Immelmann’s success by creating a bit of controversy.  We’ll know for sure this Friday.



2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    I do not know who leaked this comic, or how they were able to obtain a copy of it, but I want to thank them. I also want to thank you, mister 4203. As you are surely aware, Immelcorp has an extensive staff, dozens of whom help to create each comic. I cannot tell you my name, but I am one of these people. Many of us were shocked and more than a little upset at Immelmann’s creative direction for the final comic, but he would hear no talk of changing it. That is, until you and your collaborator’s act of bravery.

    Within seconds of your post, Immelcorp was flooded with emails and phone calls, and not just from angry fans. Several of our investors and advertisers threatened to pull their support if this comic went live on Friday. Faced with the loss of millions at such an uncertain time in the company’s history, Immelmann finally caved. We worked feverishly to create a new comic, most of us working over 24 hours straight. The official story for the delay of Friday’s update was of course technical difficulty. In truth, the comic was still being finished.

    It is difficult to imagine how your source managed to bypass Immelcorp’s sophisticated security system, and how much they risked to do so. It is equally difficult to imagine the journalistic integrity and courage it took to risk collaborating with that individual on your prestigious website. I am sure I will be lumped together with the same whack jobs who claim Immelmann themself was a part of this “hoax”, but you and I know the truth. Keep up the stellar work, and god bless the both of you.

    February 12, 2011 at 6:37 am

  2. Andrea Newton

    I didn’t even know they were planning to end the comic so soon. I feel it was a little weak but maybe it’s because I’m not really a lost fan.

    February 9, 2011 at 10:33 am

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