~The Weblog that Really Makes the Cut!~

WeedWackolytes, Rejoice!

I finally turned to a weblog site.  Have a look around.  Leave a comment. Download the recordings of Dav Malgeri, CJ Petrous, and yours truly, Ryan Mac.  If you don’t like them, you can go to Hell.

Welcome to the reincarnation of WeedWacker4203 Home Page.

As this new format is a weblog, I have decided it will be best to make it an amalgomation of the wildly popular Home Page, and the DeadJournal, which was really only wildly popular with my stalkers (you know you are);  albeit with less pictures of adorable kitties.  In addition to hilarious imagery I will post thought provoking essays.  Though, I feel it would be unwise to once again squander my ability to capture the imaginations of a generation ranting about the good times and memories of the previous couple days.  Instead, I will discuss various topics of interest in that way only I can.  Expect a few rants about the evils of firefighting, too.

There you have it.  The king has returned along with the entire back catalog intact and then some.  I look forward to making you smile once every… let’s go with every time I feel like posting.

All this, thanks to one email.

Happy Columbus Day.


“These pretzels… are making me thirsty!”


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